"'Journey by Heart' is a sweet, wonderful film...Contrary to our stereotype of what it might be like to care for people with dementia, the feeling is almost joyful... it is a place where... the supportive environment allows clients to be as fulfilled as they can be... A sincere thank you to Dr. Kate Scannell and Michelle Paymar for showcasing this gem." 

Guy Micco, MD 
Clinical Professor UC Berkeley-UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program 
Director, UC Berkeley Academic Geriatric Resource Center  
Co-Director, UC Berkeley Center for Medicine, the Humanities, and Law    

"'Journey by Heart' gives an uplifting and honest view of the spirit, creativity and individuality of those among us with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. It convincingly demonstrates the value of Adult Day Health Care and refutes the widespread belief that "nothing can be done" to heal and support the minds and hearts of our relatives, friends, spouses and partners living the reality of dementia." 

Richard D. Della Penna, MD                                                                                       Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Aging Network                                                   National Board of Directors, Alzheimer's Association